Hybrid storage Kempten

18. June 2023

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This large-scale storage project at an energy supplier in southern Germany was commissioned in 2018 and was by far Smart Power GmbH’s largest and best-known reference for a long time. Originally, the large-scale battery storage system was only intended to be the fast counterpart to an existing gas turbine in order to achieve optimum marketing for primary and secondary control power with this hybrid system. For this reason, the storage system with a C-rate of 2 was designed to be very dynamic, i.e. with a high short-term power output. From today’s perspective, the marketing of balancing power has proven to be very successful, but the storage system could also be used to great advantage to balance out peaks in the supply grid and to operate reactive power management.


16 MW


8,533 MWh

Voltage level

20 kV


Samsung SDI


4 Battery container 40 ft

3 Transformer stations with a total of 8 transformer

1 Medium-voltage subtation