GreenRock, Stadtwerke Trostberg

23. June 2023

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This grid-serving storage system was put into operation in the basement of an industrial building in Trostberg in 2019 and is a prime example of the frequently cited “multi-use operation” of battery storage systems. In the winter months, the storage system takes over peak loads in the municipal utility’s grid, helping to avoid not only grid charges but also expensive new investments. It is also capable of providing reactive power. In the remaining months of the year, it is marketed as PRL storage or on the intraday market. In addition, this storage system is also a reference example for the use of second-use batteries in a hybrid concept together with new batteries. Even more “multi-use” is almost impossible.


1,1 MW


1,37 MWh

Voltage level

20 kV


Samsung SDI


1 Container with battery racks