Retail store with charging station, Berlin

15. June 2023

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As part of an innovation promotion program, a retail store in Berlin was equipped with a storage system in 2018 to limit the grid reference load. The storage system was not, as is usually the case, installed in usually housed in some operating room, but instead a container was specially designed for this purpose in the parking lot and even illuminated depending on the state of charge. During operation, it quickly became apparent that that the primary use of the storage unit is to buffer the free and very popular 50 kW fast charging station.
50 kW fast charging station offered to customers free of charge. As a result, this project quickly found its way into the literature as a “best-practice example” of sector coupling for e-mobility. We will be happy to send you the relevant reports on request.

Retail store with charging station, Berlin
Retail store with charging station, Berlin


100 kWh


250 kWh

Voltage level

400 V


Samsung SDI


1 Container with battery racks

Integrated inverter