VWEW Leinau

30. June 2023

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This large battery storage facility in Leinau near Kaufbeuren is used by the regional energy supplier VWEW for regional grid services. The special feature of this project is that the storage system is operated together with a diesel generator in the hybrid. In particular, short-term, rapid control calls are handled by the batteries, while the diesel system is available for less frequent, longer-term power requirements. A project-specific energy management system was programmed for hybrid operation. This storage system generates revenue in particular through the provision of primary control power; in addition, peak load capping in the grid is remunerated via avoided grid charges. Regional reactive power management is also possible.

VWEW Leinau


7,3 MW


3,7 MWh

Voltage level

20 kV


Samsung P3 78 Ah


3 Battery container 45 ft

3 Inverter container 40 ft