Primary control power

Case study on the cooperation between ju:niz Energy and ESFORIN.

Learn how we developed a customised solution with DB 3.0 that enables us to process our data more efficiently and store it optimally for further use.

Example application for grid service (PRL) and simultaneous hybrid application.

This grid-serving storage system was installed in the basement of an industrial building in 2019….

The industrial storage facility in Petersaurach near Ansbach has a capacity of 1.3 MWh.

The industrial storage facility in Echte was designed as a peak-shaving storage facility.

At 1.6 MWh, this storage system serves as a buffer storage for a large PV system.

Intelligent battery storage systems are crucial for the energy transition at a local level. They compensate for the fluctuating energy feed-in from wind and solar power plants.