SMAREG 1 – Smartbooster Gotha

27. June 2023

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The Smartbooster Gotha is one of the first self-financed projects of Smart Power GmbH. The storage facility refinances itself on the one hand through the marketing of primary balancing power, and on the other hand it supplies peak loads in the Thuringian energy grid and thus receives remuneration for avoided grid charges. Furthermore, the storage capacity is occasionally used in the intraday energy market. The marketing model is constantly adjusted depending on price trends. This first self-financed project in the double-digit megawatt class was also the first in a whole series of large-scale projects and was therefore given the name SMAREG 1.


11 MW


11 MWh

Voltage level

20 kV


Samsung SDI


3 Battery container 40 ft

3 Inverter container 40 ft

3 Transfomer stations with a total of 10 transfomer

1 Transfer station