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We shape the Energy Transition

Geschäftsführung ju:niz
About us

We are an innovative, owner-managed, medium-sized group of companies

Since the establishment of our first company in 2009, our corporate group has experienced consistent, systematic and purposeful growth through the creation of several new businesses.

From their inception, these individual companies have been closely intertwined – a key prerequisite that has enabled us to implement our ideas so effectively.
From the acquisition of real estate to the operation of our plants and properties, we are creating a solid foundation for a sustainable future.

Our customers benefit from sustainable, cost-effective investments in green assets as well as attractive, energy-efficient properties.
Our services are aimed at powering the transition to renewables by utilizing battery storage to enhance grid flexibility, implementing decentralized solutions to alleviate grid stress and providing commercial and residential districts with a local energy supply that covers a significant portion of their own needs.

Our business areas
What motivates us

Our mission

We have leveraged our expertise with determination and consistency to create innovative solutions that will make carbon-neutrality ubiquitous in the future.

Unified under the ju:niz umbrella, we set standards for sustainable real estate as well as the renewable production, storage, conversion and economical use of energy. Our primary strength lies in seamless integration from planning to operation.

What makes us so successful? Outstanding technologies and sustainable management. However, the most important factor by far in our ability to achieve these objectives is our employees, who are able to grow as part of a team and develop extraordinary, groundbreaking concepts.

Our vision

We are powering the transition to renewables to create a world where people can live and work in a sustainable way.

To me ju:niz represents something that’s bold and new, something that’s powerful and extraordinary and something that’s extremely sustainable and innovative.

Dr. Ing. Franz Hauk, MBA
(Founder and Owner of ju:niz)
The cornerstone of our success


From today’s vantage point, the establishment of GreenRock GmbH marks the organizational foundation of our group of companies
Engineering service provider MaxSolar GmbH, headquartered in Traunstein, Upper Bavaria, is founded as an independent general contractor and engineering office for the construction and optimization of photovoltaic systems.
Smart Power GmbH is founded. It focuses on the development and implementation of innovative battery storage units and an intelligent energy management system.
GREENROCK Management GmbH is founded as a project developer for sustainable real estate projects.
As a newly formed limited liability company, Green H2 GmbH is tasked with establishing the fields of hydrogen and energy centers within the group.
MaxSolar GmbH is sold to investors.
Smart Power, Green H2 and the Munich part of GreenRock Management move from the office in Feldkirchen to the office in Aschheim. We celebrate the inauguration of our testing center and warehouse for Smart Power in Kirchheim.
The GreenRock Group combines parts of its business activities under the new name ju:niz. GREENROCK Management becomes ju:niz Real Estate, and Smart Power and Green H2 become ju:niz Energy.
Our namesmake

Our company name “ju:niz” was chosen as a tribute to Eunice Newton Foote, a pioneer in climate research

Eunice Newton Foote

Eunice Foote lived in the 19th century and discovered the connection between atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global warming. She conducted experiments to investigate the effect of solar radiation on hermetically sealed glass tubes filled with various gases. She used this experimental setup to demonstrate the absorption of solar heat radiation by carbon dioxide and water vapor. When she analyzed the results, she identified a possible cause for climate change events.