2ndLife” research project

26. June 2023

juniz dot element

A model project for the integration of 2nd life batteries into the market was launched in 2018 under the name “2ndLife Batteries 4Storage”. Smart Power GmbH developed and supplied a battery storage system for this project as part of a research collaboration, which was equipped with decommissioned batteries from a Mercedes vehicle fleet. The storage system is used at Saubermacher AG in Premstätten near Graz as a peak shaving storage system in production. However, the actual purpose of the project is to obtain service life data on battery modules in industrial use in order to develop economic operating models for such storage systems and to improve the use of battery and raw material resources throughout the value chain.


100 kW


96 kWh

Voltage level

20 kV


Magna (Daimler)


1 Battery container 10 ft