The largest battery storage unit in Europe – SMAREG 4 in Eisenach with an output of 60 MW and a capacity of 67 MWh.

The Wind & Storage innovation project has an output of 2.9 MW and a capacity of 3 MWh.

SMAREG 2 with 11 MW output and 11 MWh capacity in Breitenworbis.

The Fuchstal project has an output of 5.8 MW and a capacity of 3.4 MWh.

This large-scale battery storage system from a regional energy supplier has a capacity of 7.3 MW.

This 1.4 MWh storage system is a typical industrial storage project.

The 4.2 MWh storage system of an automotive supplier serves primarily as a peak-shaving storage system.

SMAREG 1 with an output of 11 MW and a capacity of 11 MWh in Gotha.

The research project for the integration of 2nd life batteries was launched in 2018.

The 1.2 MWh industrial storage system is used for peak load capping.

Example application for grid service (PRL) and simultaneous hybrid application.

This grid-serving storage system was installed in the basement of an industrial building in 2019….

The industrial storage facility in Petersaurach near Ansbach has a capacity of 1.3 MWh.

The industrial storage facility in Echte was designed as a peak-shaving storage facility.

The hybrid storage system consists of 65 kWh of new and 96 kWh of used battery modules.

At 1.6 MWh, this storage system serves as a buffer storage for a large PV system.

Hybrid storage facility in Kempten with an output of 16 MW and a capacity of 8.5 MWh.

We were able to demonstrate our expertise and flexibility with this storage system for Siemens Fluence.

This storage system was delivered for the system provider BayWa r.e. in 2018.

This storage facility for rapid charging stations was built as part of an innovation grant.

This PRL storage facility was built on the campus of the Technical University of Munich.